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Written and recorded in the last week of May 2016

Pawn is;


released June 10, 2016

Big ups to Matt Baker, Bailey Simone, & Joey Wright for bringing it to life.
Lyrics by Sebastian Cichon
Art by Evan Wachowski
The 716



all rights reserved


PAWN Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Wound Donor
Been lookin'
Can't find him
There's a man
He's hiding
He did a crime
I can't forgive
And now my knife
Wants his skin

I'm gonna fuckin' get ya
Gonna teach you a lesson
Keep your hands to yourself
Enjoy life in hell
Track Name: Match Penalty
Let's keep it movin'
We're not done provin'
That we can remove
All of your forked tongues

It cuts like a knife
When it isn't your life
Too lost to get wise
So we're pushin' you to the side

Stay in your fortress
You're not one of us
Don't deserve business
Or anyone's trust

Your life's a bust
Enjoy your rust
And collect dust
You hateful fuck

You've got to go
We've got control
Harsh as the snow
In Buffalo

We call your bluff
Track Name: Little Ball of Hate
I have been waiting so long for this day

I won't follow no more rules or behave

My mind's been cleaved at all of its damn seams

Snapped at the expense of goons and their greed

Now that i've mended here is a warning;

The little ball of hate is here to swing.
Track Name: Absent Sextant
I've seen wars rage
In all of my dreams
And from my father's teeth
And now he can't speak

So what does that mean?
What's it mean for me?
A man with many paths
And no compass to lead

Aim your blow
Below the belt
Or toe to toe
And call for help

Iced like a puck
Rolled like a truck
Dropped like a buck
Keep your chin tucked

I'll swing at life
With all I have
And wear my scars
Like a fucking badge

I swallow hate
Like Arnie P
I'll keep you close
Your blood I'll bleed
Track Name: Husk
What I know
And you can't see
Are all my wins
And my defeats

I keep it low
With a lock & key
Buried in my head
So they can't run free

I'm the man I am
Can't change a thing
Wouldn't trade it for the world
I'm the only me

Run true to my core
As gold as can be
In a sea of copper
I swim; you sink

You try so hard to be someone else
Waste your fucking life as a hollow shell